overcoming depression

Overcoming Depression and Low Mood


A Five Areas Approach

  • Presents patient-friendly workbooks with illustrations and practical advice
  • Incorporates proven, trusted information from an award-winning author
  • Delivers a wealth of strategies to deal with conditions ranging from low mood to long-lasting depression
  • Includes advice for family, friends, and caregivers
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Health Professional Review

Health Professional Reviewer: Sue Wilson, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mental Health Brief Intervention. Reviewed 9 July 2014.

Book Title: Overcoming Depression and Low Mood: A Five Areas Approach.

Author: Chris Williams. Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Section of Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow ,UK

Author of other self-help books using A Five Areas Approach:

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Overcoming Teenage Low Mood and Depression

 Date published: 2008

 Suitable for: People experiencing problems ranging from mild distress through to more severe depression. Also useful for others wanting to help support, including health practitioners.

 Problems addressed: Low mood and/or depression.

 Book Summary: Interactive self help workbook with real life applications for Overcoming Depression and Low Mood. Provides a clear model of intervention using the proven CBT evidence based approach. Reading this book may give a clearer self awareness of what ingrained patterns of coping are, how unhelpful they can be and how they affect five important areas of life. By using a Five Areas Approach to assess and manage periods of depression, changes can be made to gain a sense of control over how one feels.


  • Self help workbook based on scientifically backed CBT.
  • Interactive questionnaires, worksheets and exercises with simple text and supportive illustrations. Individual can work through exercises at own pace.
  • Additional online website resource www.livinglifetothefull.com. Website free to use, designed to support workbook readers and provides access to other resources and downloads such as relaxation MP3 files.
  • Invaluable resource for others working with people suffering from low mood or depression.


  • Requires motivation, energy and a commitment to practice steps. Not a book to read in a hurry.


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