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    A website designed for Canterbury post-earthquake. However, it has lots of great advice to help us all lead happier, healthier lives.

  • Depression and Anxiety

    Mental Health

    Depression and anxiety affects us all differently.

    We all face challenges to our mental health. Depression and anxiety changes the way we think, feel and deal with tough times. Well done for taking the first step. You can follow other people’s journeys to wellness below or explore the site to find your own way to a better place.

    Click here.

  • Grief and Loss Centre

    Mental Health

    A Centre based in Invercargill who offers support for people living with loss and grief of any sort- including grief from bereavement, separation, illness, isolation and other life changes.

    Visit: https://www.lossandgriefcentre.com/

  • Otago Mental Health Support Trust

    Mental Health

    The Otago Mental Health Support Trust provides peer support, advocacy & information for people affected by mental distress, whatever the cause.

    Visit: http://omhst.org.nz/

    They also house their small collection of books free for community use.

  • The Mental Health Foundation

    Mental Health

    The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

    We work to influence individuals, whanau, organisations and communities to improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential.

    For information on wellbeing and where to find a local support service click here.

  • Young person in distress? A website for parents, whānau and friends

    Mental Health


    Common Ground is a website for parents, whānau and friends – to recognise and understand the difficult situations that young people go through in their lives, and understand the support system a young person might have around them. Being a support person for a distressed teenager or a young person who is experiencing a mental illness can be a difficult road without any support around you.

    Common Ground houses advice and information for the support network of a young person to help them recognise and understand the hard times young people can go through, as well as identify early stages of possible mental illness. The website provides easy access to advice, helplines, local communities and information on the mental health system in New Zealand.

    With understanding and early action we are able to support young people to manage hard times and enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing.

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